Slugs inspire a surgical bio glue

slug inspire surgical bio glue wca

Slugs secrete biological defensive mucus that has now inspired a new type of surgical glue, prepared by researchers. This “bio-glue” has three main properties, it can move with the body, it is incredibly strong and it can stick to wet surfaces. The results of this breakthrough are published this week in the journal Science.

The team of researchers at the Harvard University developed it and tried it successfully to attach edges of a hole on a pig’s heart. The main reason why this breakthrough is so significant is the fact that surgical glues that are traditionally used refuse to stick to a wet surface. This glue removes that problem. Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, had an idea to look at the defensive mucus produced by the Dusky Arion or Arion subfuscus slug against predators. When attacked, the slug creates the mucus that makes it adherent to the surface but allows it to remain bendy at the same time. They used this mucus as prototype and engineered their material that had properties of the slug mucus.slug inspire surgical bio glue

Lead researcher Dr Jianyu Li explained that the results from material that was designed with the slug mucus as inspiration was positive. This new bio glue that they made had two properties – the actual adhesive or glue and a biochemical shock absorber that would take the strain. The body cells have a negative charge on them Li explained that helps them to stick to the positively charged glue. There is a covalent tough bond between the cells and the glue. This is made easy by the penetration of the glue into the tissue surfaces. The shock absorber is also a vital component as it takes the physical stress and strain of movement to allow the adhesive part to stay glued to the cells.


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