Itinerant Wound Care Guy

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Dr. Michael Miller

Itinerant Wound Care Guy

Dr. Michael Miller is a board certified general surgeon and certified wound care specialist who has practiced wound care exclusively for almost 21 years in Indiana.
He is the CEO and medical director of The Miller Care Group, which provides a variety of specialty care services in a variety of care locations, including house calls, skilled, assisted living and independent living facilities.

  1. Think a Patient Has Rights? They Left.

    Patient Rightsby Dr. Michael Miller There are few absolutes in my universe. I know that my youngest daughter will gleefully and with full malice (but humorously presented) find something to torment me about every time I see her; referrals from family… Read more…

  2. Jim Nabors Would Just Cry

    jim naborsby Dr. Michael Miller For those of you not as familiar with the Hoosier State as you should be, I used to think it was essentially paradise. Jim Nabors of Gomer Pyle fame is our ubiquitous, tuneful icon with his… Read more…

  3. Hole-ier than Thou, Evidence Based Regardless of the Evidence

    evidence based medicineby Dr. Michael Miller There are certain phrases that make the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  Someone telling me that they are a good Jew, a good Christian, a good Muslim or the ultimate in self… Read more…

  4. If All You Have is a Hammer, What Happens When You Run Out of Nails?

    hammerby Dr. Michael Miller Over the years of making house calls for wound care, I found that there was a real need for home based mental health and behavioral care, palliative care, podiatry and lots of other things. We cater… Read more…

  5. Condemning Patients to a Leap of Faith

    leap of faithby Dr. Michael Miller I have several letters after my name.  The two that say “DO” indicate that I have the training of a physician and the requisite education and responsibilities that uphold those letters.  They should mean to patients… Read more…

  6. Don’t Kid Yourself, Amputation Is Unquestionably A Failure

    amputation is a failureby Dr. Michael Miller I recently saw an ad for a pending lecture at a national conference that piqued my interest much like “deflate-gate”.  The title of this lecture horrifically touted that Amputation need not be considered failure.  As a… Read more…

  7. Help Me, Help Me, Help Me…next Tuesday

    physiciansby Dr. Michael Miller Health care providers are by nature an altruistic bunch.  I have the honor of interviewing potential entries to my beloved profession as part of the admissions process at the newest Osteopathic Medical School in Indiana, Marian… Read more…

  8. Alternate universes – Einstein’s insanity

    Wound CareI remain absolutely amazed that there are so many people doing the same thing and yet doing it so completely different. Depending on where a patient’s wound care and orders originate from, the care I try to translate from that… Read more…