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4 Thoughts to “Positive Stemmer’s sign yields a definitive lymphedema diagnosis in 10 seconds or less”

  1. Dr Kathryn Strasser

    Thank you Robyn for an excellent article. I’m a Family Physician in Australia, and it’s the best explanation of lymphoedema I have ever read. Well done.

    1. Dear Dr. Strasser, I so appreciate your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to let me know that this article has been helpful to you. That means so much! Warm regards.

  2. Felicity Weymer

    Very helpful thank you. LPN,RMT in Canada taking a Complete Decongestive Therapy course soon.

  3. Marva Marsh

    As a private practice physical therapist receiving a progressive number of patients referrals, with many forms of edema, you have give me an understanding of how to refer my patients to a well qualified community of Practitioner treating the patient in need of decongestive therapy. Well written and very helpful, from a PT in Washington DC Area. I will take a decongestive course soon. Thank you.

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