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2 Thoughts to “Debridement options: BEAMS made easy”

  1. Diane Benko

    This article is very helpful in educating me about the debridement procedure and why I should have my vascular doctor handle my chronic, stasis ulcer wound. He has suggested this remedy, but I was unsure because I did not have enough information about it. Thank you for enlightening me.

  2. Lisa

    Well I guess i’m one tough lady. 7 years chronic necrosis. I have bechets disease. Here is what I have noticed. Where is the blood. Meaning in these lesions there is blood that drains. However you can sense a dryness. Now the necrosis process already started way before. Probably at the base of the lesion. This entire process is continuous meaning constantly changing and never ending. Whenvi first started getting this it was hard lumps all over. Rock hard and sizeable. The material inside had to be broken down and an open lesion left which hundreds of peices of necrosis could come out of one. So I had all these lesions all over in the beginning no necrosis. I went to a dermatologist that treated these with steroid injections. 2 x a week about 40 injections. Then one night after dinner started screaming. Emergency room found out I had MRSA PHEONOMPENIA. 30 DAYS IN HOSPITAL Then another 8. Kidneys shut down. No more injections. Predisone 10 a day 5 x 2. . Then the Necrosis started its been 7 to 8 long years. Agonizing years. Still continuing. The only thing that has made a difference is chemo. I believe I have removed over 100k or more peices of necrosis including granuals which are the worst. Its like pulling glass rocks sticks rose branchesc from inside your body out. You scream yell cry breath hard sweat its worst then having a baby over and over again. You have to wonder how come no heart attack by now. Its amazing im still alive

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