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3 Thoughts to “Compression therapy for chronic venous insufficiency, lower-leg ulcers, and secondary lymphedema”

  1. Christan Lautz

    Hi Nurse Nancy
    I live in México City and I’m interested on starting this treatment.
    Could You please refer to who gives it here.
    Thank You.
    Best regards,

  2. Samantha

    Great read. I don’t see any information about lymphedema pumps, though, where do those fit in to your plan of care?

    1. Karen Arriola

      From my seminar on lymphedema that I attended and books that I read, pumps are said to have another edema effect on the proximal areas where the sleeves end such as the groin area on the LE and chest area on the UE. Meaning, when you keep using the pump long term, if there is no Manual lymph drainage to help transport the pumped fluid (by the mechanical pump)to the armpit or inguinal, there is a tendency to accumulate fluid on the groin or chest area, therefore, swelling of the genitals or chest area can be expected . Hope that helped.

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