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6 Thoughts to “Unna Boot”


    I have a MD that is wanting to apply an unna boot to bil arms! I feel that applying to the upper extremities is contraindicated since all literature stated for venous insufficiency

    1. Good you are questioning this if its not in the product insert then you have nothing to protect you legally. I would seek MD rational on this.

  2. Nancy Morgan

    Hi Claudia,
    No matter what product we are using in wound care we are legally responsible for the product we apply, so always follow your package insert. You are correct that the Unna Boot is indicated to be used on the lower extremity to help manage venous leg ulcers and lymphedema in patients who are ambulatory. Good luck!

  3. Bonnie Baker

    I have a physician who wanted to apply an unna boot to help with debridement of eschar over a pateint’s shin. I have not found any indications for it’s use in this way. What are your thoughts.

    1. If that is the “only” reason to use this its the wrong reason. If the goal is to debride there is so many other ways to debride the eschar I would consult with MD on his/her rational and provide other options.

  4. Cindy Holland

    I searched for your application of an unna boot. I am concerned regarding the number of professionals wanting to use a ‘figure eight’ on the ankle area. I explained to several different RN’s this impedes blood flow to the wound area and could possibly stop blood flow. Unfortunately I do know of someone who lost her lower extremity due to constriction and nurses failed to check for proper blood flow while unna boot was in place. After 7 days of unna boot application, when dressing was removed, gangrene had set in.

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