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3 Thoughts to “Necrotizing fasciitis: Frightening disease, potentially grim prognosis”

  1. Don Wollheim, MD, WCC, DWC, FAPWCA

    One method for fast diagnosis is to perform a bedside surgical cut-down going from skin, sub-cutaneous fat, and through the fascia. With Necrotizing Fasciitis, the fascia is quite weak, compared to normal fascia, and the underlying fluid is the “dishwater” fluid as mentioned in the article. If that is found, the patient needs emergency debridement.

    To me, “the prognosis is directly related to the speed of making the diagnosis”.

    Thank you for this article.

  2. Remember to maintain 3.5+ Albumin! Lass interstitial fluid load, better circulation. Of course must have adequate vascular network! Merry Christmas

  3. Angela Smith

    My name is Angela Smith and my daughter was diagnosed with Necrotizing Fascitis about 3 years ago. She was working and hit her hand and barely broke the skin and within 24 hours she was fighting for her life she had 2 skin grafts and 12 surgeries on her hand. We we’re transported
    by and ambulance to Doctors Hospital in Augusta Ga. My sweet baby my only child was fighting
    for her life and was in ICU for 17 days. I am so happy to say she survived this awful bacteria but
    unfortunately it left a very bd scar and her only being 23years old at the time was even harder.
    The reason that I am writing you is because Iwas wondering if there are any support groups in out area for Survivors of Necrotizing Fascitis in our area Savannah ,GA

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