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5 Thoughts to “Mission possible: Getting Medicare reimbursement for wound care in acute-care settings”

  1. Barbara Behl

    I am a legal guardian for a physically disabled person with chronic lymphodema. Medicare is currently covering the daily wound care labor, but not the supplies (which include expensive silver in one of the supplies). Any suggestions?

    1. admin

      Reimbursement guidelines vary greatly, are constantly changing, and can be
      very confusing. The key to understanding reimbursement is to get in touch
      with a certified lymphedema expert. In addition, many supply companies do
      not bill directly to Medicare for supplies, so you may want to shop around
      with other suppliers in your area. Here is a link to a website with some
      great video summaries about lymphedema reimbursement

  2. Dana Thompson

    Hi Barbara

    Can you tell me if Medicare Part B allows for the reimbursement of supplies used by a physician (to the physician) during the course of treatment If so where can I find a listing of HCPCS that are allowable for billing

  3. mary desmarais

    is there a place to find out what the crieteria is under medicare for wound care in a skilled nursing home setting
    all i can find is guidelines for home care

  4. john

    I’m not sure I followed one point. I was under the impression that HCPCS codes were not relevant to hospital reimbursement. I we use dressings with HCPCS codes, are you saying the hospital will be reimbursed for these?

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