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One Thought to “MRSA: What wound care professionals need to know”

  1. Don Wollheim, MD, WCC, DWC, FAPWCA

    I commend Dr. Garner on such a great review regardig MRSA.

    I do have two questions for Dr. Garner.

    First, I heard one author recommend that the attempt to eliminate the carrier state of MRSA should occur after treating the patient, not at the same time, for their clinical infection. Does you agree?

    Also, as a medical community, should we reseve the use of topical Bactroban solely for MRSA proven infections and/or carrier states to prevent resistance to this topical antibiotic?

    Again Dr. Garner, thank you for your excellent article.

    Don Wollheim, MD, WCC, DWC, FAPWCA
    Editorial Board of Wound Care Advisor

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