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3 Thoughts to “How to assess wound exudate”

  1. Dora Lim

    wound size is 2.5cm x 2.5cm x 0.2cm
    wound base is moist, 50% slough, 50% necrosis
    exudate is small amount of greenish sticky purulent.
    malodour +++ during the last week
    what is the best dressing to apply? thanks

  2. Nancy Morgan

    Hi Dora,
    I can’t really advise treatment type without more information, Type, location, etc. but what I can advise is the need to rule out infection. Greenish colored, foul odor exudate are definitely signs of infection in the wound bed. Go ahead and culture the wound to see what type of bacteria you have growing, sometimes lime green exudate is significant for Pseudomonas. You then need to select appropriate topical antibacterial treatment to target and get rid of the infection. Select a dressing that will get the infection under control. Wound infection is always the priority. Then you can work on debridement, moist wound healing principles etc.
    Good luck!

  3. under odor- it says to use the following to describe the bandage- but then says nothing else?!?!

    The plasma leaking from my bashed fingernail is clear with a red tint- sticky, has a pungent odor and a semi moist bandage – nothing above indicated if this is normal or not. is there another part to the article?

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