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Sample procedure for nonsterile dressing change

By Nancy Morgan, RN, BSN, MBA, WOC, WCC, DWC, OMS

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• Nonsterile dressings protect open wounds from contamination and absorb drainage.
• Clean aseptic technique should be used to change nonsterile dressings.
• In the event of multiple wounds, each wound is considered a separate treatment. (more…)

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Salivary peptide promotes wound healing, research reveals

salivary peptide wound healing wca

A study published online in The FASEB Journal delves into the mystifying fact that wounds in your mouth heal faster and more efficiently than wounds elsewhere. Until now, it was understood that saliva played a part in the wound healing process, though the extent of its role was unknown. The study examined the effects of salivary peptide histatin-1 on angiogenesis (blood vessel formation), which is critical to the efficiency of wound healing. Researchers found that histatin-1 promotes angiogenesis, as well as cell adhesion and migration. (more…)

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Cervical Biopsy more efficient, less painful via new method

Can new tool make cervical biopsy more efficient, less painful

Physicians evaluate new device to test for cervical cancer. Comparison of Tissue Yield Using Frictional Fabric Brush Versus Sharp Curettage For Endocervical Curettage.

Women undergoing cervical biopsies might have lower odds of repeat tests with a rotating fabric brush than a sharp instrument because the soft device may capture more cells for analysis, a recent study suggests. Furthermore, biopsies with the softer tool may be less painful, researchers say. Cervical biopsies sometimes fail to collect enough cells from the cervix to accurately test for cancer, in which case another biopsy is needed. (more…)

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Scientists Seek People with Primary Progressive MS and Other Forms of MS to Study Gut Bacteria

Volunteers are being sought for a major study to help determine how the gut microbiome can be used to treat multiple sclerosis, lupus, and other diseases.

Investigators at the University of California in San Francisco are recruiting people with MS for an international study of the gut microbiome – the population of bacteria in the gut – in MS. They are seeking people with primary progressive MS nationwide (there is no need for onsite visits), as well as people with any other type of MS who can make a one-time visit to San Francisco, New York, Boston or Pittsburgh. The overall purpose of these studies is to investigate the potential role of gut bacteria in MS.

Scientists Focus on Gut Flora for Future Treatments of Autoimmune Diseases


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Safe Biopsies eBook: Protect yourself and your patients.

biopsafe ebook Safe biopsy handling

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Needlestick Risks eBook: Defense and Rescue Strategies for Nurses

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BioPad eBook Treatment of Hard-to-Heal Wounds with Collagen-Based Dressings

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AlloFuse® Select CM Supports Your Patient’s Healing


AlloFuse® Select CM – clinically proven to activate and support bone formation and can be used in a variety of spinal, neurologic, and orthopedic procedures.

AlloSource, one of the nation’s largest providers of cartilage, bone, skin, soft-tissue, and cellular allografts to advance patient healing in surgical procedures and wound care, today announced the release of AlloFuse® Select CM, a premium addition to AlloSource’s AlloFuse portfolio. (more…)

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Creating an Ideal Microenvironment for Wound Cleansing

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With so much focus on dressing choices, it’s easy to forget the importance of wound cleansing. Wound cleansing can help achieve the goals of wound bed preparation by removing microorganisms, biological and environmental debris to create an environment beneficial to healing as well as facilitating wound assessment by allowing clear visualization of the wound.

Preventing Infections in Patients with Wounds eBook

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Proper wound care is essential to preventing infections for patients in all practice settings, and healthcare providers should stay informed about the most current and effective treatments out there.

Recognizing factors that increase patients’ susceptibility to infection allows providers to identify risks and take measures to prevent infection from occurring or worsening.

eBook: Treatment of Hard-to-Heal Wounds with Collagen-Based Dressings

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Receive a free BioPad Sample and a free eBook with more details.

BioPad Wound Dressing with Collagen: BioPad, is a 100% equine Type-1 collagen primary wound dressing used to treat hard to heal wounds.

The BioPad collagen dressing has the highest collagen content on the market up to 5 times the amount of collagen. 

BioPad™ is the perfect dressing for wounds.

eBook: Caring for Wounds eBook Series: Pressure Injuries

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Learn how your healthcare team can provide better patient care.

Patient care teams rely on the wound care nurse alone to implement a pressure ulcer prevention program; however, a successful program requires involvement from the entire care team and is a 24/7 endeavor.

eBook: Skin Damage Associated with Moisture and Pressure

[Sponsored by Convatec]

Tips on how to differentiate and goals for protection and management.

* Identify how wounds are classified according to wound depth and etiology.
* Describe the etiology of a pressure injury (PI) and incontinence-associated skin damage (IAD).
* Discuss evidence-based protocols of care of prevention and management if IAD and PIs.
* Describe the NPUAP-EPUAP Pressure Injury Classification System.
* Identify appropriate products that can be used for preventioin and treatment of IAD and PIs.

eBook: Needlestick Risks: Defense and Rescue Strategies for Nurses

[This e-book has been developed through an educational grant from CM&F Group]

Learn more about: 
A Continuing Risk for Healthcare Workers, Sharps Injuries: Facts and Figures, Proactive Steps for Yourself and Your Colleagues, A Preventable Injury, A Downloadable Workbook from the CDC, The Case for Coverage, If You are Exposed.

Needlesticks and other sharps-related exposures to bloodborne pathogens (including HIV, hepatitis B virus, and hepatitis C virus) continue to pose a significant occupational risk for healthcare workers


Safe Biopsies eBook: Protect yourself and your patients.

[This e-book is brought to you by BiopSafe]

Safe biopsy handling
One of the most common problems in connection with biopsy handling is the risk of being exposed to formalin either through touch or inhalation. A risk that doctors, veterinarians, laboratory technicians and nurses are exposed to every day.

With BiopSafe the problem is finally solved.

receive a free BiopSafe Sample and a free eBook PDF with more information and details.

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Clinician Resources: Pressure-Injuries, Ostomy, Lymphedema, Delirium

Here is a round-up of resources that you may find helpful in your practice.

New illustrations for pressure-injury staging

The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) has released new illustrations of pressure injury stages. You can download the illustrations, which include normal Caucasian and non-Caucasian skin illustrations for reference.

There is no charge for the illustrations as long as they are being used for educational purposes, but donations to support the work of NPUAP are appreciated. (more…)

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Who can perform sharp wound debridement?

Nurses and therapists often wonder if their license permits them to perform sharp wound debridement. Scope of practice varies significantly from state to state, so it’s imperative to check your state for specific guidance, but we can address some of the challenges clinicians face in deciding whether they can perform this valuable service for patients.

Sharp debridement vs. other forms


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Infographic: An Average Day in the Life of Nursing

Opioid Addiction by the Numbers


– Wound Infections
– Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
– Assess Diabetic Foot
– Ram’s Horn


  • WatchClinical Hydrocolloid
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  • WatchClinical UNNA Boots
  • WatchClinical Wound Cleansing Saline Bullet
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