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12 Thoughts to “Understanding stoma complications”

  1. Dr Meet Verma

    Excellent and valuable information and an eye opener!!!….. with good references of course!……….. the surgical technique with an easy loop and siting of the stoma are so important…..needless to over-imphasise.. yet many unseen and surprise events like a hugely distended sigmoid colon may present at the Rt upper transverse incision in a child with Hirschsprungs disease for which a prelilimary transverse loop colostomy is planned and of course a larger than expected liver sometimes disturbs the siting of the stoma as is difficult at times to find out the free transverse loop identifying the thin greater omentum in a 2-3 day old infant!….

  2. hemlata

    can you show the picture of the complication.

  3. Janelle

    Thank you. I find this information very very informative. I do agree with HEMLATA. It would be a good idea to have diagrams of the different complications where applicable.

  4. Erika, RN-BC


    Click on the red & white PDF box found next to the title of this article. I will try to put the Web address here:

    which may or may not be clickable. If not clickable, use your cursor/mouse to SELECT, COPY, PASTE that line into a new browser window.

  5. Brandy

    What if stoma protrudes 2 in and does not retract. Was protruding and retracting but has protruded and not retracting. Been this way for a couple of days…

  6. L. Haney

    Helpful information. My 26 yr old dtr underwent total colectomy for UC on 5/5/16. 4 weeks out and she experiences episodes once weekly of frank bleeding coming out of stoma – not from around stoma with chronic pain to rt side of abdomen. Surgeon has no answers but tells her to go to ER if feeling too dizzy when it happens again. No tests ordered. She is weak but not anemic. Can’t seem to get any answers. Would be grateful for feedback.
    (she has history of borderline lupus and surgeon blames slow recovery on this and previous TNF medications that cause poor wound healing).

  7. John

    My General Surgeon has diagnosed me with a prolapsed Stoma and said that it requires surgery to fix. He has refered me to a gastrointestinal surgeon for this. My ? Is does anyone know how long a surgery to fix it would take and recovery time?

  8. Sharon Berube

    My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter was diagnosed with Hirschsprung Disease. She had surgery on June 15 and they put a colostomy bag. On June 16 she had surgery because her intestine went through the stoma. On June 22 she had surgery because she had fatty tissue (Omentum) on the stoma. Today my daughter tells me that she has more omentum on her stoma. Can that be dangerous? What could be causing that to happen? The surgeon said he put extra stitches so that it wouldn’t happen again.

  9. Stacie Hart

    On the outside of the stoma around the bottom of it by stomach is it supposed to be a light white color

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