Wound care center honored

Advanced Wound Care Center at Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Even though the Advanced Wound Care Center at Cookeville Regional Medical Center only opened in the summer of 2015, the team already has exceeded clinical outcomes in 2016.

And it’s those numbers that got the center a Center of Distinction award.

“It’s impressive,” Scott Vinsant, area vice president of Healogics, said. “This shows clinical excellence.”

Healogics, based out of Jacksonville, Fla., is a provider of advanced wound care services and provides speciality wound care for an underserved and growing population.

“We see ourselves as ‘limb salvage,’” he said. “Healogics provides training and specialized education in the area of wound care.”

In 2016, the Advanced Wound Care Center saw a 96 percent healing rate, exceeding the Center of Distinction metric of 91 percent.

Advanced Wound Care Center’s median days to heal also exceeded the metric of 30 days — with a 28 day average. Add to that a 96-percent patient satisfaction rate, exceeding the 92-percent metric, and a 15 percent patient outlier rate, exceeding the 19 percent metric. The outlier rate refers to the 14-week deadline per patient for healing. The rate reflects the patients that extended beyond that time frame.

“This is a team effort,” Jason Wyatt, program director, said. “From the front office staff to providers to physicians, it truly takes a team to get these numbers.”

From July 2015 through February 2017, the center saw 747 new wound care patients, 6,014 wound care visits, 36 hyperbaric oxygen therapy patients and 1,004 hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

All of those numbers exceeded Healogics average as well.

Healogics has more than 800 clinics nationwide.

Of those, 360 centers achieved this honor.

“As surgeons, wound care is a specialty that we deal with,” Dr. Scott Copeland, surgeon, said. “There’s a protocol when it comes to wounds and we have to look at the whole picture to lay out a treatment plan.”

Many people come to the Advanced Wound Care Center with little to no hope and thoughts of losing a limb.

“This is their last resort,” Paul Korth, CRMC CEO, said.

“But they leave with results, and that is life changing.”

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