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15 Thoughts to “Starting a consulting business”

  1. Michelle Gaudio, RN, WCC

    Having my own Wound Care Consultanting business from home is my dream. Thanks for the excellent tips!

    1. Donna Sardina

      Michelle, I hope your dream comes true. From experience I can tell you that it is alot of hard work but so worth it in the end. Starting our own consulting business was the truly the turning point in mine and Nancy’s career! Wish you the best.

      1. adelle anderson

        I am a RN,BSN,WCC and I am thinking of starting my own business doing wound care for shut ins. I am in the process of researching how to start. Anyone with any advice pls email me, I would be most appreciative

  2. Michelle Gaudio, RN, WCC

    typo…I meant “consulting”

  3. Kate

    Great article. Very helpful as I am moving in that direction.

    1. Kate, Sending best wishes and encouragement your way….Go for it!!

  4. Jim Winkler, RN, WCC, DWC

    Just getting started. Wish me luck, I will provide the hard work.

    1. Jim, What exciting news!! Wish you the best, sounds like you are already on the right track for success. Hard work and a passion for the patient is the perfect combo for changing the world!

    2. fariba

      Hi I am so happy for you .
      Can you tell me a little bit about where and how to start my own wound clinic?

  5. Ilaria Omojola, RN, WCC

    I am starting my own consulting business, how do I find out licensing board regulations if any regarding what i can or can not do in wound care consulting?

  6. Ilaria,
    The best place to look for regulations would be your State Licensure Board. Other good places would be to check local, state, and national business administrations. Here are some links that should help you out:
    Boards of Nursing
    Small Business Administration

  7. Fariba

    Hello Sir , Madam
    I am a CWOCN as well as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Certified .
    How we should be starting our own wound clinic business .

  8. Digna

    I am a WCC but an LVN, is it also possible for me to have my own wound care consulting business?

  9. lydia

    I have started as a wound nurse at a small acute care hospital , they dont really have a strong program, I want to do a good job for them. I would appreciate some advice on how to strengthen the program. What should I do? Thank you

  10. I am an RN, BSN, WCCN, and CLT, presently working on my master/nurse practitional. However I will like to start my own consulting business with my experience working with many wound specialist doctors, working in a magnet recognized hospital. Can somebody link me up with a good consulting company that will help me prepare my business proposer and the rest paper work

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