Morrison Community Hospital offers specialized Wound Care

Morrison Community Hospital Wound Care

Wound care is a specialized form of treatment that focuses on helping patients recover from all types of wounds, both acute and chronic (ongoing).  The most common types of wounds are those that result from acute injuries, surgical procedures, diabetes, and pressure or bed sores.  Wounds can also result from radiation procedures that are part of a treatment plan for cancer, and they can be a result of vascular disorders.

It’s estimated that up to five million patients in the U.S. suffer from wounds that won’t heal.  This causes a major disruption to their lives, and wound care specialists can significantly improve patients’ quality of life.

Specialized wound care is needed when a patient has a new or a persistent wound that doesn’t heal or respond to traditional treatment.  If a wound becomes more painful, exhibits changes in color or odor, or increases in size (including swelling), it’s time to visit a wound care specialist.

At Morrison Community Hospital, the Wound Care Program helps patients to recover from recent injuries involving open wounds, and to manage longer-term wound issues.  Patients are educated about treatment and proper self-care from Mona Summers, their Certified RN Wound Care Nurse.  The purpose of the Wound Care Program is to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to wound care management.  If a wound hasn’t healed after a month of conventional therapy, a patient is typically referred to a wound care specialist for further evaluation and treatment.  The specialists at Morrison Community Hospital develop an individualized treatment for each patient, as wounds heal differently for everyone.

Wound Care specialists offer cutting-edge health care with a multi-disciplinary team offering combined expertise and diverse clinical knowledge; together they improve each patient’s wound healing process, resulting in an improved quality of life.  For more information, please contact:

Mona Summers, Certified Wound Care Nurse

Morrison Community Hospital

303 North Jackson Street

Morrison, IL 61270

Phone:  815-772-5590

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