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5 Thoughts to “Making sure patients have the ostomy supplies they need”

  1. Linda Scott

    I have a patient with a flacid left arm from a previous CVA. Are they any devices to help patients that only have one good working hand and no available friends or family? Thank you

    1. connie johnson

      there are no application aides, but you can get precut wafer which are easiest to apply. I have a number of patients with the same situation that utilize Convatec precut wafers. If you have any further questions, feel free to call 609-216-3174

  2. Gail

    I have ostomy products to donate. I live in broward county. Can you tell me where I can bring them. Thanks

  3. suzan

    Hi Connie
    I am working on setting up a outpatient clinic in California. How / what codes do i use to bill for servcies and supplies

  4. lana schultz

    Will pay shipping for any unwanted or unused ostomy supplys you have lana s 2822 sand rd shell lake wi 54871

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