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4 Thoughts to “It takes a village: Leading a wound team”

  1. Maria

    Very helpfull, thanks.

  2. Toni Koch RN

    Thank you! I Just learned that I passed my WCC exam! I Need to be a vital part of a wound care team, and this article helped me with regard to developing a strong foundation for however I participate within the team.

  3. I am desirous of becoming Wound Care Certified and having a well organized team.However past experience would have me believe this was not achievable,but after reading your article ;I realize that my vision of how a team should be,do exist.Thank you ,I am now determined to become Certified.GOD BLESS YOU

  4. Leslie Williams

    I am a seasoned RN who has recently decided to specialize in wound care. I will be taking the first certification course in June 2014. After this certification I plan to take the Diabetic certification and finally complete the Ostomy certification. I graduated from a diploma school of Nursing in 1983. At that time I had 60 credit hours toward my Bachelors degree in Human Services. I need some guidance about what specialty and or focus that I should attempt to gain knowledge in for the completion of my Bachelors degree that would give me the BEST opportunities for a future on Woundcare. Can you give me some suggestions? Can you tell me about your personal degree, whether you

    Sincerely, Leslie Williams, RN

    would have chosen the same route or believe that I should consider opti

    ons that would compliment my woundcare certifications, once co pleted?

    course and the Ostomy certification, following that

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