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3 Thoughts to “How to write effective wound care orders”

  1. Ekaete Etuk

    I have used hydrofera blue for chronic leg ulcer upward of 6months now. The ulcer was clean and healing nicely when suddenly the the peri wound bed started degenerating due to moisture absorption by surrounding skin. A new ulcer opened up that soon became as large as ab initio. So discouraged.
    A). How do I protect the peri wound underneath the foam dressing?
    B). How do I encourage wound closure of a clean wound bed after using the hydrofera until there seems to be no more improvement?

  2. Sharon Troy

    Our wound care physicians are sending orders to our home health agency that include only the product to use on the wound bed; however, they do not write product to cleanse or irrigate wounds or what to cover the wound with. For example: “SN to apply aquacel AG to wound bed”. Should the agency be responsible for writing clarification orders that will include the cleansing and dressings to cover the wound. We are a Texas home health agency. Thank you.

    1. Donna Sardina

      You are correct, the clinician receiving the order is responsible for obtaining clarification. This is true for any health care setting.

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