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4 Thoughts to “Pressure mapping: A new path to pressure-ulcer prevention”

  1. I love this. I just learned how to determine if a web site is credible and you pass. This is a nice perk for being certified. Is there such a cushion on the market that actually can be designed from the results of the mapping? Perhaps for certain body deformities and something with a small pump for alternating pressure redistribution. PS: Do you have job postings in your journal? Lona

  2. Barbara Vuncanon

    Do you have any results for pressure mapping surfaces used in the operating room?

    1. Barbara,
      I do not have any recent studies for OR pressure mapping. I would encourage you to contact the surface manufacturers directly to find out specific information about the product you may be interested in. Otherwise, here is a link to a Scirus Search Results

  3. Have you ever looked into continuous pressure mapping as a clinical tool for proper positioning versus just a diagnostic tool for support surface evaluation?

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