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4 Thoughts to “Compassionate care: The crucial difference for ostomy patients”

  1. Sandra McAfee

    Dear Gail and Rosalyn,
    Two years ago I received the news that I needed to have a total proctocolorectomy due to suffering from many years of Ulcerative Colitis. I remember thinking the hardest thing about this surgery was learning how to keep my pouches on so that I could go back to my fulltime job as a Registered Nurse. I did have a home-care nurse come to the house but she was not very empathetic or did she show any compassion, that’s when I decided that I’m going to take your OMS course and help other ostomates like myself! I recently passed the certification and am excited about my future; I want to help others that have had to face what I did and, be there for them! I have learned and gained much information from your course and also from living this lifestyle.
    I do believe that I am going to take your Wound Care course, also. Thank you for making it possible to become certified in these speciality fields!
    Sincerely Yours,
    Sandra McAfee

  2. Donna Sardina

    Congratulations Sandra on your OMS certification. Your positive attitude and spirit are so inspiring! The NAWCO and persons with an ostomy are so lucky to have someone like you!

  3. KIm

    I am a ostomy specialist in South Korea , and I have learned a lot from the story above.
    I have recently treated ostomates without a compassionate approach but , now i feel ashame of myself and have realized how a big difference we can make by empathetic concerns and compassions. Thanks a lot!

  4. Hi-

    Just stumbled upon your website. I had my ileostomy at 21 following 6 years of misdiagnosis, pain and a potentially fatal abcess.

    At that point, they could have cut off my limbs- I just wanted to be “well” and get back to college and living. ( although when I began to feel better I did throw an ostomate volunteer out of my room in a fit of denial and rejection.)

    Today, 40+ years later I’m married with 2 children, a university professor with a doctorate, a private practice in grief counseling, a scuba diver, acid swimmer and sailor.

    I travelled alone to South Africa on a Fulbright and avocationally have travelled the world.

    I am not bragging, just proud of my accomplishments. I also do motivational speaking on living a positive, meaningful life.

    Thanks for listening!


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