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Caring for Wounds eBook Series: Pressure Injuries

This e-book is sponsored by Angelini Pharma, Inc.

angelini pharma ebookPatient care teams rely on the wound care nurse alone to implement a pressure injury prevention program; however, a successful program requires involvement from the entire care team and is a 24/7 endeavor.

Learn how your healthcare team can provide better patient care, topics include:

  • Prevention Programs: Where to Begin
  • It Takes a Team
  • Establish a System
  • Empowering Your Patients
  • Prevention Education
  • Pressure Injuries
nursing ebooks

nursing ebooks
Conservative Sharp Debridement Non-Viable Tissue PDF

This document provides procedures for the debridement of wounds to remove eschar and nonviable tissue in chronic wounds.

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nursing ebooks
Ankle brachial index PDF

The ankle brachial index (ABI) is a quantifiable measurement of lower leg blood supply. It’s a comparison of the systolic pressure in the upper arm to the systolic pressure at the ankle. The ankle pressure should be equal to or slightly higher than the arm pressure in the absence of arterial occlusive disease. The test is used to rule out significant arterial disease and to determine the amount of compression that can be safely applied.

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