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Here we are again. As I write this, it’s already been a year since the 2015 Wild On Wounds (WOW) conference. As I look back over the past year, I’m excited about the growth and changes that have taken place at NAWCO. Since the inception of the WCC credential in 2002, we have certified more than 20,000 clinicians.

What a phenomenal accomplishment. I write that number with a big smile on my face, not because our numbers are so large, but because of what that number signifies. It means that there are more than 20,000 more educated, knowledgeable clinicians taking care of a unique and complex group of patients who do not always experience the easiest path to recovery or healing.

To better oneself through education takes determination and dedication. To make a difference isn’t as difficult as many may think. Each year at WOW, we recognize individuals who have set themselves apart from their peers by going above and beyond. These clinicians are nominated by the people they work with side by side, day after day. When we notify the award winners, some are surprised by the glowing comments that had been submitted about their involvement in education, in the community, and in improving the lives of their patients. The commitment to the provision of excellent care is the first and foremost intent of these clinicians. I found a quote that suits them: Auliq Ice once said, “Naturally have a belief that you can make a difference and you will make it unknowingly.”

That is exactly what these clinicians have done. By doing what they do best and striving to better themselves, the care they provide, and the knowledge they share, they have unknowingly made a difference not only in the lives of their patients, but also in the lives of family members, colleagues, and employers.

I’m pleased to have the opportunity to recognize the 2016 award winners. They are excited to be attending WOW, where they will receive their award and earned recognition during the Pay it Forward Session. At this session, which has become a tradition at the conference, we recognize the contributions our certified clinicians have made in the field of wound care. These clinicians have the opportunity to share the differences they are making in others’ lives each and every day.

We always close the conference with the message about the impact we make when we pay

it forward. With statements from those who nominated the winners including “goes the extra mile,” “never gives up,” “puts the patient first and is a staunch patient advocate,” “mentors others so they too can feel as comfortable at thevbedside,” “loves being a wound care nurse,” and “volunteers endless hours to the local wound clinic,” it’s clear why these individuals were chosen.

Outstanding WCC® of the Year

Jessica Mayfield, RN-BC, WCC

Outstanding Work in Diabetic Wounds

Katherine Broze, BA, RN, WCC, DWC, CFCN

Outstanding Research in Wound Care

Carol Johnson McGregor, ARNP, MSN, MBA, EdD, WCC

Outstanding Work in Ostomy Management

Zoe White, RN, WCC, OMS

I would like to personally thank our readers, including members and those who are (or aren’t) certified, for all the work you do with wound care patients across the country. Never think for one moment that your patients and their families don’t appreciate what you do. I’d like to leave you with one last thought:

“Go the extra mile…it’s never crowded.”

— Unknown.


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