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11 Thoughts to “How to manage incontinence-associated dermatitis”

  1. My husband is 71 and has back that make him not be able to feel when he has a BM. also they did surgery on his prostate and so he can not control his bladder. He has a left chair witch he sleep in. I have been putting a tex cather on him. It will last 4=6 hr and it come off and he wet his pants. Now has raw area post thigh and buttock a stage 2 pressure ulcer. I have put ointment and pad on but it not cleaning up. I have cushion to take the pressure off and he dose stand=up and walk with his walker but this is hard on him. What other thing I could do to get it to go away.

    1. what kind of ointment do you put on your husband skin lt help with the skin rash/dermatitis and what kind of dressing do you use for the stage 2 ulcer?

      C.Harding Rn, BSN, WCC

  2. Vera

    When we perform gram stain will just swab the affected area and send it to the laboratory for the gram stain procedure right?

  3. Andobah Acquah

    Recently i am seeing a few patients with Hpperkeratotic skin lesions andam intrested in what other practitioners use for their patients.Most of them have open ulcers.

  4. CLAIRE Henke

    Some LTC facilities are using coffee filters to wick away moisture in abdominal & groin folds instead of inter dry. Are there any studies to validate this practice because it really works & is inexpensive.

  5. Donna Sardina

    I am not familiar with any best practice studies that support coffee filters for skin fold management.

  6. Caring for the disabled does not stop with providing them the best incontinence products. Proper skin care and prevention should be administered as well. Can anyone invent an adult diaper that can instantly clean on its own please? Just kidding. Nevertheless, great info here!

  7. Fran Felix

    Your protocol mentions cleansing after each episode of incontinence, but I am suffering from a constant low-volume urine incontinence that is giving me skin problems. How would you manage this? I clean as often as I can, but I work a regular 8 hour day and cannot clean up all the time.

  8. mary

    My mother is facing a pressure wound connected to the butt hole, whenever she passes motion, the feces would go into the wound, making this extremely hard to heal. Also she is 300 lbs. I have tried a few method to prevent this, or at least minimise the affection, so far not working well. For example putting cotton balls to create a track, so it would acts to stop the feces going inside, and it can be taken out and replace with a new one. Her weight has stopped this working smoothly, as we move her everything goes out of place. Perhaps putting aquacel foam to create a barrier, it didnt work either. I have yet able to think of any other way.

  9. Saunya

    what about e.t. mix?

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